Introducing "Mahabharata for Beginners": Unlock the Epic Saga!

Embark on a captivating journey through the timeless tale of the Mahabharata, condensed and presented in an accessible format for beginners. Join us for a series of enlightening Zoom classes, spanning from July 3rd to August 30th, designed to explore the depths of this legendary epic.

Our expert instructors will lead one-hour sessions every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 am (West Coast) and 1 pm (Eastern Time), ensuring flexibility for participants across different time zones. Whether you're new to the Mahabharata or seeking a fresh perspective, this course is open to all who are eager to delve into its rich tapestry of stories and teachings.

For a nominal fee of just $25, you'll have the opportunity to attend all 24 classes, where we will unravel amazing details and narratives that are often overlooked or left untold in condensed versions. Delve into the profound insights and interpretations of the esteemed Madhvacarya commentary on the Mahabharata, adding a deeper layer of understanding to your study.

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